Organic Experience at Botanica Pizza

I got invited to a small, very nice and very good ambiented place for an Italian dinner. I have to say the place from the outside do not called my attention, but once I went inside everything change and I actually could notice many good details about the place. I can tell by the first few details there is a woman behind this place and she has good taste.

The Budda for the Good Vibe

The personnel is very attentive and seems to always pay attention to the client needs. I order the classic pizza (the carnivore version with different meats), had thin crust and the taste was very very good. I did enjoy that pizza a lot. I was not paying attention to the oven where the pizzas are cooked but it was well done, and the area where the pizzas are prepared was clean and shine.

This is a place where you can have a romantic dinner and for that, my recommendation is that you reserve in the back part of the restaurant because it has the most amazing environment (dimmed light) surrounded by a variety of plants and flowers that they take care and make them growth right there and that’s why the name of the restaurant seem to be “Botanica Pizza”.

Every one I asked though that it was because was some type of vegetarian or vegan place. But I do wonder If they do any of the foods or dishes with some of this plants, because some of this plants are edibles, so don’t get surprised if there is any exotic flavor in your food.

My Meat Pizza with a non-alcohol mojito (in spanish “Limonada con Hierba Buena”)

At the end I ordered two desserts to try them (I’m a chocolate addict), so I requested the chocolate mousse and a “Tres Leches”. Didn’t enjoy to much the chocolate because it was place on a limon/lime base and I couldn’t tasted to the maximum, but I think the issue for me was the citric involved the formula. On the other hand the Tres leches was very good I did like that one and if you have the chance you should tried.

Overall is a very nice place decorated properly and has the add on of the tropical and wild element. Im completely sure everyone who comes here will enjoy this place. The owner had some type of mini lab (also in the back of the restaurant) where she works with some plants and take care of them. The minilab is off limits but you can see from out side that she does invest good efforts with the plants she works there.

The average price per person here is about U$15-30 but it will depend on if you request an entrance, the type of drinks and also if you want a dessert. If you are a Pizza lover you should try this place! Is located at “Plaza Cincuentenario”, Avenida Cincuentenario, at Coco del Mar, Panama City, Panama. Is a Safe zone. They have underground parking with plenty spaces in case is raining you don’t get wet.

Enjoy the Pizza!


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