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Panamenian Adventurer Exploring Panama

Hello, I’m Hernan


I hope you enjoy the information provided in here. This is a Project I started in the late 90’s. It has suffered some changes but the escense is still the same. This project is about you (the reader) and the Republic of Panama.

Since I remember I have been playing with cameras and enjoy taking photos of everything. In here my plan is to show you many angles and levels of different places all over this country. I was born, rised and lived most of the time here. This website is to show you this place from my perspective to allow you to learn and enjoy almost all the aspect that involve this country, history and culture.

Many people don’t know their history, they don’t know their geography and probaly thats why many people ask me “How I get to Panama Island?”, and I respond I dont know, because this is not an Island, this is part of the American Continent (Right in the central part, located between Costa Rica and Colombia, most of them gets surprised when they realized that Panama is part of America Continent”.  

Another amazing  fact is that not many people know that Panama had the first European City and later the First European Pacific City (in the Whole continent). The Panamenian History has many facts that I cannot even remember all of them, but I will try to show you all I can in here.

If you feel there is something to improve or mising information just give me a feedback about the subject and I will work on it. 

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