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Welcome to Panama, in this site you will find information and ideas about this amazing country called Republic of Panama. There are two main sections, one is the blog where you will find articles, places to go, things to do and history. The other section is my portafolio with photos I take (also related to Panama). If you want to visit this amazing country this is the place to start.

Hello, I'm Hernan

I’ll be your guide in this site, I hope you enjoy the information provided in here. If you want to learn about Panama you can go to the Blog section, where on regular basis there will be some new information (including some photos/videos) about Panama. If you are more interested in images you can go to the portafolio section (where you will see my photos). This site will keep developing for the visitors and show every one how beautiful is Panama and all the options has to offer their visitors when they travel here. 

This proyect started in the late 90`s because of the media exposure Hollywood was giving to all the countries in the regions like Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, etc. making think people that they only will find here is pure jungle, poor people and ranchs with chickens running around over a sand floor (you might want to see movies likes Jurasic Park (the first one), The Tailor of Panama will be just 2 examples. No many people knew this but initially the Jurasic Park movie was intended to be filmed in a Place call “Coiba Island” that is part of Panama (south east), eventually they decided to take the production to Costa Rica, but the image that was shown to the public about the capital city of Costa Rica was bad and largely far from real. In Panama this also happens with other movies (and recently has gotten better) but is far from the real scenario. The plan is to show you the real and an acurate Republic of Panama, and the idea is to show you the evolution of this country.

If you feel there is something to improve or mising information just give me a feedback about the subject and will work on it.  

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